"The greatest public servant in the country" - The Jefferson Award

About Stacey

Stacey Bess - International Keynote SpeakerStacey Bess is an award-winning educator with great insight into the hearts of children in need. She believes that the way to most effectively teach children any subject is to treat them with love and kindness. Audiences around the nation have discovered the treasure of Stacey Bess and the magic she works with children.

Bess began her teaching career at The School With No Name located inside the Salt Lake City shelter where she taught math, reading, and self worth to homeless and transient children.

By the end of her first term she was discouraged and often distraught by the circumstances facing the children who were so easy to love, but whose lives were so insecure. Often she wanted to give up, but decided the children deserved her best efforts.

While working at The School With No Name, Bess chronicled the heart-wrenching stories of her students so she would never forget how far these children had come. After reviewing the stories, she discovered profound life-lessons and eventually published a book, Nobody Don’t Love Nobody.

Stacey Bess Rocking ChairAfter Bess published her first book and gained the support of the Utah community, people began to notice Bess and her unusual success with “hopeless” children. She has won prestigious local and national awards. A highlight came when she was honored with the esteemed National Jefferson Award, along with First Lady Barbara Bush, Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackman and Ambassador Walter Annenberg.

A dynamic keynote speaker, Stacey Bess engages groups large and small, sharing the lessons she learned that changed her life as she taught hundreds of homeless children. Her story continues to change lives as her audiences are inspired to become involved in their communities.

Bess and her husband Greg have been married 41 years and have six children. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Utah. She continues to be a leading advocate in the nation for the educational rights of impoverished children.

Distinguished Awards

Jefferson Awards

  • National Jefferson Award, Greatest Public Service By Someone 35 Years or Younger
    The Jefferson Award winner represents the best of what America has to offer in the fields of Public and Community service. Stacey was presented with this award for her dedication to teaching children.
    (Other Jefferson Award recipients that year were first lady Barbara Bush, Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackman, and Ambassador Walter Annenberg)
  • Dedication To Homeless Youth, Golden Deeds Award
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Educator’s Award
  • Rescuer of Humanity, Project Love
    (Other award recipients included Jimmy Carter)
  • Distinguished Woman of the Year, American Association of University Women

Other Awards

Outstanding Service To Children, Utah Children’s Award, Creative Community Leadership Award, University of Utah Unsung Heroine Award, Ladies’ Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars, Modern Pioneer Award, Geneva Steel Community Hero, Children’s Miracle Network, Huntsman Awards for Excellence nominee

Stacey in the Media

Stacey has made numerous TV appearances and has been the subject of articles in local and national publications. A few of those are listed below.

TV Appearances

  • Good Morning, Texas, Channel WFAA
  • The Phil Donahue Show
  • Dan Rather, CBS evening News

Stacey Bess People Magazine

Magazine Articles

  • “People” Magazine
  • “Salt Lake City Magazine”
  • “Continuum” University of Utah Magazine
  • “NEA Magazine”

Newspaper Articles

  • Boston, MA (National), Christian Science Monitor –
         “A Superstar Helps A ‘Bad Boy’ Shine”
  • Wasatch Parent (Regional), –
         “Teacher Gives Loving Identity to School With No Name”
  • (Regional) Intermountain Catholic –
         “School With No Name Teacher Tells Students Stories In Book”
  • Salt Lake City, UT, Deseret News –
         “Teacher Gives Hugs, Hope to Homeless”
         “Homeless, But Not School-Less”
         “4 Good Months Were A Big Deal to 3 Youngsters”
  • Salt Lake City, UT, The Salt Lake Tribune –
         “S.L. Teacher of Homeless To Receive Jefferson Award”
         “Homeless Children teach the Teacher Lessons of Love”
         “Teacher Leaves a Lasting Mark On S.L. ‘School With No Name’”
  • Park City, UT, The Park Record –
         “Utah Woman Writes Moving Book on Love”
  • Ogden, UT, Standard Examiner –
         “Speaker To Focus On Kids”
         “Teacher For Homeless Children Found Job Wrenching, Crucial”
  • San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Examiner –
         “On the Front Lines – SLC School with No Name”
  • Northern UT, Davis County Clipper –
         “School With No Name Visits Boulton”
  • Seattle, WA, South County Journal –
         “Child’s Prize is Lesson In Love”
Book Stacey

"You did a FANTASTIC job this morning. I have read your book, I have seen the movie, and I just love your story. It is so powerful. In reality though, when you choose a speaker, you never really know if he/she will be as good as you hope. You just have to go with your gut and trust that someone with such a wonderful uplifting story will be able to tell it in a way that captivates a crowd. And that you did! I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. We strive to make a difference for the women and girls in our community—to give hope where there is none, to provide leadership and guidance to those in need, and to change lives. You inspired folks to give back, to join us, to make that difference you spoke of so well. We raised more money this morning than ever before. Thank you for helping us do that; but, more importantly, thank you for sharing yourself with kids and families who have never felt such love and care. Always remember, YOU MATTER." -Orange County United Way

"Stacey, a huge thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story with us at TCEA 2012! I think it was the perfect way to close our conversation—and it was very well received. Your philosophy of loving all children and giving them back their power is such a strong, important, yet simple message that unfortunately can get lost in the shuffle of modern-day life. I am happy to know you are sharing your approach with others and encouraging teachers to follow your philosophy. We need more like you!" -Texas Computer Education Association

"Stacey Bess captivated a group of close to 400 women at our event for Nurture Home, a homeless shelter. The event, called Hearts for Hope and Homes, was an idea to inform our audience of the needs of homeless mothers and their children as well as inform our community of the mission of Nurture Home. The experience of working with APB and Stacey was smooth and not at all intimidating as this was our first event of this type. Thank you for your role in our successful event!" -Mental Health America of Aiken County

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